New York Times Travel Show Review

New York Times Travel Show Review

The New York Times Travel Show has been around for 15 years and yet, this was the first time I saw any promotion for the event. I contacted the NY Times and asked for a press pass to review the show. My husband and I got to the show on the last day. The show ran from Friday, January 26 through Sunday, January 28.

After fighting traffic to get into the city and finally finding a parking lot, we walked over to the Jacob K. Javits Center on 38th Street and 11th Avenue. We got our passes and went into the show.

Our first impression, it was crowded — very crowded. However, I felt as if I were traveling around the world. Each booth had a different country represented with its own personality. I loved the women from Brazil and Guatemala, pictured below:

It was a great show for both professionals and tourists who wanted to learn about places around the globe. Some of the show highlights included virtual reality – a few of the booths had this and it was very cool. We watched a VR on a cruise ship and it really felt like we were there. In addition to that, the Israel booth gave out wine, the Brazil booth gave out strong rum drinks and amazing fried meatballs, there were dancers and singers from Italy and Asia. It was non-stop entertainment.

I particularly loved the Korean booth. They had games for the kids and the adults and you even had an opportunity to win an Olympic mascot, which I won!

They had on-going seminars that focused on various countries or cooking in specific regions.

What I loved about the show was it took you from your current routine and enabled you to explore different areas and figure out your next destination. Want to guess where I plan on going next?

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