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A New Sales Tactic?

A letter from Organic Pest Management SolutionsA New Sales Tactic?

The other day, attached to my door, was a letter from Organic Pest Management Solutions in North Babylon. The letter was a standard letter that they sent to everyone, except on the bottom in handwriting, Steve, the sales person, wrote:

“Hey guys, please call me to go over the 2018 season. Same as last year. Thanks Steve”

(He provided his phone number and said, “See you soon.”)

I looked at this and my eyes squinted. Hmmm… I know we didn’t use this guy last year because we just moved into the house. But, maybe the old owner used him. I left the note out for my husband to review.

The next morning, my husband looked at this note and laughed. “This guy sends us a note as if he knows us. It’s some sales tactic and I bet a lot of people would fall for it in an instant.”

I agreed. I told him that when I get solicitation calls, the person on the other end always sounds like he or she is my friend and therefore, my staff put them through to me. That’s what they are hoping for and then when I answer the phone, I’m not the nicest kid on the block. It makes me angry that this is the new sales tactic that people use to get their foot in the door. What happened to the old fashioned way where you told someone what you sell and they say either I’m interested or I’m not interested?

Do you think it’s right to approach sales in this manner? Love to hear your opinion.

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1 thought on “A New Sales Tactic?

  1. I had the same note written on a card from Optimum.
    This type of sales tool work with gross numbers. If it works for 1 in a hundred it is extremely successful.
    It also lets a company “steal” the business from the actual company used last year that
    didn’t call back for this years business. By phone or written note.
    Chimney companies are real good at this.

    Also, It generally is a much more pleasant phone call from the approaching company
    as it requires a really personable person on the other end to get far past the receptionist.

    Any type of cold calling is a really tough job and I have a lot of respect
    for people willing to take on the rejection incurred from the not nicest people in the world.

    Years ago it was always people. Today the generic call is a robo-call. Humans have to use
    their humanity to get past the front desk.
    Compassion for this profession!!

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