Windstar Cruise from Rome through Italian and French Islands Review

Windstar Cruise from Rome through Italian and French Islands Review

My husband’s family and I went on a 10-day Windstar cruise from Rome to Sorrento, Lipari, Sicily, Sardinia, Corseco, Santa Margherita, Florence and then back to Rome.

Hilary in the control room of the cruise shipWe arrived on the sailboat on Tuesday and were escorted to our cabins. They were relatively large with a king sized bed, desk and bathroom with stall shower. There were plenty of drawers and shelves to put away your shoes, clothing and accessories.

The boat was small. There were only 300 people on board. Some of the rooms were suites, but they were more like double rooms than suites.

There were three places to eat dinner – the Amphora, Stella and Candles. They also had a little coffee area to get snacks and desserts while the ship was moving. There wasn’t a lack of food, but I don’t think there is on any cruise!

The food was surprisingly good. Every meal was better than the next and with a nice bottle of wine or two, it made the meal a perfect way to end the busy days.

There wasn’t much in the entertainment arena. They had a very small casino and two lounges with live music.

Further, there was a spa where you could get a massage, facial, haircut or reflexology. It was in a nice setting and one day, I had a massage, which I enjoyed. I could have done away with the scalp massage but otherwise, it was relaxing.

The deck of the cruise shipThere were two small hot tubs and a small swimming pool on the deck along with a pool bar. It was quite relaxing on the deck watching the water and passing by some islands. When the boat was in dock, the back of the boat opened and the Windstar crew had a ton of water activities for the guests to enjoy. Of course, I went swimming!

The boat was in port most of the time. There was only one day at sea and I wondered if we would be bored out of our minds because there really was very little to do on the boat, besides some board games or videos in your cabin. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. It was a thoroughly relaxing day and we all needed it after walking at least seven miles every day up and down beautiful villages and towns around the Italian coast.

I look forward to my next Windstar adventure. For the most part, the staff was pleasant and it was truly an incredible experience. It was especially nice to spend the time with our family!

Hilary's family

Hilary and her family at dinner

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2 thoughts on “Windstar Cruise from Rome through Italian and French Islands Review

  1. Hillary, I’m so happy you had this time with family. Sounds Great! Did you mingle much with other passengers? When in Port, were there tours or was it free time?

    I love scalp massages… Was this one bad, or just something you dislike?

    1. Thank you so much Kathleen! Appreciate it. We didn’t talk much to the other passengers, some of them but not too many. There were tours but they weren’t free. They were actually very expensive. So we did touring on our own.

      In terms of the scalp massage, it was nice but I would have preferred a full body massage. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

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