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Floral Papercrafting by Angelea Van Dam

If you love being creative but just don’t have the time, Floral Papercrafting, A Flower Garden of Cards, Tags, Scrapbook Paper and More to Craft & Share by Angelea Van Dam, is for you!

hello angel Floral Papercrafting

This beautiful 8″ x 12″ book has everything you need to be creative. From crafted envelopes to crafted mini cards, this book has everything you need to make unique and beautiful cards, tags, bookmarks and more.

bright colored floral designs

The book features brightly colored floral designs. It also includes double sided scrapbook paper. Specifically, this book includes:

  • 32 Floral Art Cards
  • 32 Scrapbook Paper Cards
  • 6 Foldable Cards
  • 24 Colorable Cards
  • 18 Mini Cards
  • 16 Flowery Gift Cards
  • Large & Small Envelope Templates
  • 3 Pages of Beautiful Embellishments
  • and 16 Sheets of Two-sided Scrapbook Paper

It is a great value and when you give a gift to someone, it’s personalized and meaningful, unlike the stock cards from the store. It’s a great value and provides ample space for your own sentiment.

Hello Angel Floral Papercrafting – A Flower Garden of Cards, Tags, Scrapbook Paper & More to Craft & Shine by Angelea Van Dam is available on Amazon for $13.99. 

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