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Book Review: En Cyclo Pedia

If you’re looking for a beautiful gift to give to someone who is starting to cycle or already an avid cyclist, En Cyclo Pedia – Everything you need to know about Cycling, from the essential to the obscure by Johan Tell, is the book for you!

Everything about En Cyclo Pedia is different — the paper that the words are written on, the cover, the illustrations and the words! At first glance, it looks like an old fashioned book, but the content is definitely new and current!

En Cyclo Pedia book

Johan Tell is an award-winning Swedish writer and cycling obsessive. His newest book, which is 224 pages in length and has impressive illustrations throughout, is a complete A to Z guide. 

Tell is a clever writer. He uses humor and some interesting facts throughout En Cyclo Pedia.

Did you know… 

“The Chain – The year is 1789. Englishman Henry J Lawson patents his chain-driven safety bicycle called the Bicylette. The chain allows for a simpler and safer system for gearing than before, when the size of the wheel determined the speed.” 

There are so many anecdotes filled throughout the book that after reading the En Cyclo Pedia, you or your friend will become “bike experts!”

En Cyclo Pedia is not a book to read in one sitting. It’s more of a “Coffee” book to read a little at a time.

It’s a fun book, well-written and a great gift for anyone into cycling! You can buy it through Hachette Book Group for $19.99 or purchase it on Amazon.

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