Ara the Star Engineer Children’s Book Review

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, a fine career choice for a woman was to be a secretary. “Secretaries can make good money,” my mother told me.

I was never encouraged to go to college and only told that after High School, I should get a job as a secretary.

I wanted no part of it, and funded my own education for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. After graduating from Hunter College, I landed a job at a large public relations firm, which set the stage for my current career as a publicist, professor, and blogger/podcaster.

When I got an email from a publicist who works for the author of Ara the Star Engineer, I was thrilled. I love anything that empowers women, because although women have made strides, we still have many obstacles in our way.

Ara the Star Engineer was conceived when the author, Komal Singh’s 4-year-old daughter said, “I guess only boys are engineers.” This stirred up Singh and she wrote the book Ara the Star Engineer to show girls that they can do anything.

Her boss and the entire Google team got behind Singh and many of the characters in the book come from Google.

This wonderful book is available through Amazon.

When I received my copy, I didn’t remember ordering it and sent it to a three year old girl in Colorado. I hope that the book helps her and her younger sister dream big!

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