5 Things to Do and See in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Area

My kids and I decided to visit my dad who lives in Ft Lauderdale/Miami area one cold weekend in January. (And, if you live in the Northeast, there have been a lot of those!)

It wasn’t beach weather but it was gorgeous, low 70 degree weather. During our quick weekend, we spent time with my dad and with my brother and his family.

Here are some top five things to do:

  1. Eat in Las Olas – Las Olas has some of the best restaurants around! I’ve eaten at several and they have all been fantastic. The one that we went to on this trip was called Casa Sensei. The sushi was fresh. The Korean dishes were spicy. There was only one dish we didn’t like and that was a beef dish. We sat outside on the pier. It was a gorgeous night. However, we did see the neighbors across the way and some random drunk woman came on to my father, but that’s for another blog. (I wouldn’t recommend spending a day in Las Olas as there is nothing much to do. There’s few shops and a couple of art galleries. So if you’re going to Las Olas, just go there for dinner.)
  2. Go to a local Brewery – We went to two while we were there. The first was the Funky Buddha and the second was LauderAle. I preferred the atmosphere of the second one. We sat at a picnic table while the kids played outdoor games. It was quite pleasant.
  3. Check out Wynwood Walls in Miami – That’s a site to see! There are many different walls painted with graffiti art. Most are murals from famous pop artists. I posted one of the photos I took on Facebook and one of my friends told me she had a miniature version in her apartment.
  4. Go to Sawgrass – Although I never find anything I like there, they have “outlet” shops for most of the popular brands today including: Vince, Ted Baker and Gucci.
  5. Eat at Rob’s Bageland in Tamarac – The place looks like a dump, but it’s always crowded. No one is younger than 85 years old there, but again, these old folks know what’s good. If you are looking for Lox, Eggs and Onions the right way coupled with a potato pancake, you’ve come to the right place.

Every time I visit my dad, I find unique places to go and interesting places to eat. It’s a great getaway trip out of the cold!

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