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Changing My Life with MetPro

In September, I started working with MetPro, a new concierge service for people like me who want to diet, exercise and change their lives. To date, I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds and counting. I only have a few pounds to go before I’m at goal weight.

As a result, I’ve found that I have new habits that I never had before. MetPro has certainly helped me change my life.

“This is not my refrigerator!”

My refrigerator is now stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, including cauliflower rice. That may not sound like a change for some of you but for me, it’s a huge change.

I never shopped at Trader Joe’s before. I used to go in there and think, “there’s some weird stuff here…” and walk out. Now, I mostly shop at Trader Joe’s.

My coach, Polly, at MetPro has helped me prepare a shopping list of interesting things to buy there and I’ve been buying!

She’s also been instrumental in what I eat when I go out. For example, I went to Florida recently. My brother works for Bonefish Grill. One of their restaurants is Outback Steakhouse, so we decided to go. “What should I eat?” I texted Polly.


She texted me back soon thereafter, “have the lobster tail, no butter and a baked potato with nothing in it.”

Then there were some interesting obscure restaurants. She found various dishes there too. I find it very helpful since I eat out a lot.

I love MetPro. They have taught me to eat “clean” and to change my life with healthy eating habits. Although my husband isn’t thrilled, I know it will benefit both of us in the long run!

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