Powramid C Desktop Power Center Review

If you have a small desk area and need to conserve on space, then the Accell Powramid C is for you!

This handy desktop power center is also a surge protector and USB A & C charging station. I love the no skid and scratch resistant base. When I placed it on my oak wood desk, it stayed in place. (Other surge protectors move around and can easily scratch your desk.)

powrmid c desktop surge protector

I also like that it has six adapter outlets, grounded power cord that is 6 feet long and has a 1080 joules surge protector built in.

If you’re like me, you have a computer, an ipad, an iphone, Alexa (Amazon Echo) and other essential devices to keep you productive. This power surge will certainly help.

Closer look at the surge protector

I’m impressed that it’s light and fits anywhere. Most power protectors are long and need to sit on the floor. The Accell Powrmid C can stay on your desk or sit on the floor and won’t take up any room!

You can purchase an Accell Powramid C on amazon for under $40.

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