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According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, no matter what your age or where you live, we are more “stressed out” today than we were 10 years ago. That is why when Babbleboxx approached me to review their wellness items, I was intrigued.

The last few months have been particularly stressful for me. So, the Babbleboxx came at a good time.

Here’s what was included (read to the end to win something for free):


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They sent me three different Moodpatch eye patches — Perk Up, Happy and Downtime. The company developed these innovative patch technologies over the last 10 years for the medical field. Now, they have taken their expertise and brought it to the consumer market.

The Moodpatch Perk Up is infused with green tea. The instructions are to use it when you wake up for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness and morning redness.

The petal-infused eye gels are called the Moodpatch Happy Place. You also use this during the day for just 10 minutes to lift your spirits and bring you to your happy place.

The Down Tim eye gels are for when you are ready to just relax. You can reset in just ten minutes with their tea-infused eye gels, made with three calming flowers. These include: Soothing Calendula, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Evening Primrose Extract detoxes and smoothes the under-eye area. Lavender leaves you feeling totally relaxed.


The sample I received was a fuji Apple Pear bubbling drink. This drink is an energy drink, which has been clinically proven to accelerate your metabolism and burn calories while working out.

The drink contains green tea leaves, ginger and guarana seeds, to provide a healthy boost. It includes 7 essential vitamins, no artificial flavor, preservatives and no aspartame or high fructose corn syrup. There is no sugar and very low in sodium. It’s all around healthy and keeps you going during a workout or a 3pm slump in the office. Celsius is kosher and vegan certified, soy, gluten and sugar-free.

I thought it was sweet but not that sweet. It tasted just like a Fuji Apple!

Pure Synergy

Berry Power is the most concentrated, full-spectrum, organic super-fruit formula. Berry Power is a phytonutrient powerhouse intended to actively protect and support your daily vitality and well-being. It’s perfect for a protein shake or just sprinkle over your cereal to get the benefits of this tasty super-fruit!

Their Enzyme Powder is perfect when you are stressed out or any other time. It includes a full-spectrum of plant-based enzymes to support and fine-tune your digestion for optimal, glowing wellness. Use this for:

•     healthy digestion & optimal nutrient absorption
•     occasional discomfort & bloating from food intolerances
•     improving digestive foundation
•     healthy balance in the gut microbiome & immune system

The Enzyme Powder contains nattokinase, which may support a healthy inflammation response. (For athletes, this is great because of our swelling after working out.)


I loved all of the products in the Babbleboxx, but I think the Aftershokz was my favorite. This uses bone conduction technology, similar to Google Glass. With the vibration on the side of your ear, you can hear your surroundings while listening to music. This is one of the safest products to use when running, cycling or exercising outdoors.

The product is wireless and has a two year warranty. There is a six hour battery life and it has a titanium fit. It’s easy to charge. It comes with a handy USB that plugs in anywhere. I also love that it has a great little case to protect it. (The company throws in earplugs if you want to use these at the gym and the external noise is loud. However, for me, I won’t need it because I’ll be using outdoors.)

The sound is outstanding and they fit comfortably around my ears. They don’t fall off when I run or ride either, which makes them even more desirable.

Thank you Babbleboxx for sharing these treasures with me. And, for my loyal readers, I will be giving away a box of Patchology Moodpatch Perk Ups. Just comment below on why you want this and you will be entered to win. (Continental US only, otherwise Postage is way too high! Thanks for understanding!)

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