TeaBloom Timeless Moments Review

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I love a warm cup of tea. When I drink tea, it melts all of my stress away. I especially like it after a meal and a long day at the office. So, when TeaBloom Timeless Moments approached me to see if I would be interested in checking out their new product, I was excited.

The TeaBloom Timeless Moments is an oversized glass mug. It contains a second glass mug that snuggly fits inside. The inside mug has slits in the glass, enabling the flow of water to seep into the larger mug. It also comes with two packets of flowers.

I tested the mug and put in the flower. At first the flower looked like a catnip ball I would give my cat (if I had one). Then, after I poured the boiling water into the mug, the ball opened to a flower. That was when I knew it was ready to drink.

It tasted fresh and soothing. I think the next time, I would prefer to use my own tea, but this was delightful.

The TeaBloom Timeless Moments is a great gift for you or for a friend. Here’s a discount code for 10% off use EXTRA10 and there’s never any shipping costs!

Share with me a time when you drank tea and felt the release of stress. Comment below.

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