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Theresa Foundation Keeps Theresa’s Memory Alive

By Isabella Falkovich

In 1992, The Theresa Foundation was formed. Vincent and Susan Russo, founded the Foundation after the tragic passing of their daughter, Theresa. The Theresa Foundation’s goal is to help all children with disabilities through art, music and dance programs.

Focusing on the arts…

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Many of the Theresa Foundation programs focuses on dance, music, and art. They all benefit children with disabilities.

The Theresa Academy of the Performing Arts (TAPA) is an example of this. It provides quality recreational activities within the realms of performing arts to individuals of varying abilities.

Pooled Income Trust

The Theresa Foundation’s Pooled Trust Income Program is a program that gives individuals the ability to protect their assets and income while accessing Medicaid. On their demise, any remaining funds pass on to the Theresa Foundation which supports the Russo family’s mission of helping children with special needs while keeping Theresa’s memory alive.

Leaving a Legacy Event on 4/25/19

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On Thursday, April 25 at 6 pm, the Theresa Foundation will host “Leaving a Legacy” event at the Russo Law Firm’s Garden City office.

Learn more about the pooled income trust offered and how it can benefit you. Vincent Russo will talk about the benefits, how to apply, and more. Guests will also enjoy a selection of wines and chocolate-covered treats.

The event, geared for social workers,  geriatric care givers, financial and health care professionals, is open to all. Interested in attending? Register here –

Izzy Falkovich is a senior at Hofstra University, studying public relations and civic engagement. She aims to pursue a career within the realms of entertainment, with a focus in CSR/nonprofit work, after she graduates.

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