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Dressbarn Going Out of Business?

Dressbarn going out of business?

About a year ago, my cousin, Mindy, turned me onto Dressbarn. Before that, I had never stepped foot into the place. I thought it was for older women. I didn’t think I would like anything there, and besides, the clothes were inexpensive. How good could they be?

But after seeing my cousin’s closet and seeing how amazing she looked in their clothes, I decided to go to their Freeport, Long Island location.

When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised to see women of all ages and all shapes and sizes in there. The company serves women sizes 2 to plus sizes. I later learned that the company was owned by Ann Taylor and many of the clothes were from styles that were made for Ann Taylor.

The clothes were fashionable. The only difference between the Dressbarn brand and other high-end brands was the cost. The other difference was that they were more disposable, which I didn’t mind for the lower price.

Dressbarn sends me a text message nearly every day with another special in the store. Every time I would buy there, I would get $5 coupons, depending on how much I spent.

I just read that Dressbarn is now going out of business in all of their retail stores. After emailing the alert to my cousin, the two of us got depressed. I guess it’s back to Nordstrom’s Rack for me!

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