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When Your Son/Daughter Graduates

Six years after my daughter graduated from Newhouse School at Syracuse University with a degree in public relations, my son graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in data science. This past weekend at Berkeley brought up so many mixed emotions that I realized many people have when your son/daughter graduates from college.

High School days…

I think back when my son was in High School and how he couldn’t wake up for class. (Actually, both my kids were reprimanded for coming into the first period late.) I used to scream at him to get out of bed.

My sister used to say to me, “you’re enabling him. Let him sleep and see what happens.” But, I couldn’t do that. I had to help him learn to succeed.

I knew though, that once he got to college, he was on his own. Either sink or swim, I told him. Well, he rose to the occasion. I guess my sister was right. Once he took responsibility, he was able to soar.

What he wanted to do…

For the longest time, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. But then, one day it came to him. He realized just as we did that when he was a little boy, he played Nintendo baseball. He was more interested in the stats than the actual game. He would spend hours setting up the perfect teams.

It would frustrate the heck out of me but he seemed to love it. While in college, he began to think about what he wanted and he went for it.

Data science major

The data science major didn’t come out until his Senior year. He continuously advocated for the major. In the meantime, in his sophomore year, he started the sports analytics club at Berkeley. The club had more than 100 members. It was one of the most sought after clubs on campus.

This past weekend, he graduated from UC Berkeley. He was certainly not the young man who arrived at the school four years ago. He grew and matured during his tenure.

My son inspires me every day. Both he and my daughter knew what they wanted and went for it. I know there will be a bright future for both of them and that makes me so proud.

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