The 28th Annual Elder Law Conference

On Tuesday morning, June 19th, more than 100 social workers and geriatric case managers attended The 28th Annual Elder Law Conference hosted by The Russo Law Group, PC. The event was held at the Milleridge Inn on Long Island.

More than 100 social workers and geriatric case managers attended the event

The program

Eric J. Einhart, Esq., partner with the Russo Law Group, kicked off the conference by introducing the Russo Law Group’s staff and partners. He talked about the agenda and welcomed the guests.

Michael Amoruso

Following his presentation, Michael Amoruso, Esq. spoke about himself and how he moved forward. Michael was born with a bilateral hearing loss. Growing up, he heard every other word, and the school district took him out of the classroom and taught him limited things. When he was in middle school, his parents placed him in private school, where he thrived. Michael went on to law school to become an elder lawyer and former president of NAELA (National Association of Elder Law Attornies, a group that Vincent J. Russo formed years before.)

Michael Amoruso, Esq.

Michael Amoruso also discussed some of the new laws and regulations affecting people with special needs.

Kelly Ann Murray, Esq.

After that, Kelly Ann Murray, Esq., senior staff attorney of Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program at NYLAG, spoke about all the new laws and regulations affecting Medicare and Medicaid.

Lora Webster

Kelly Ann’s presentation was followed by Lora Webster, US Paralympian. Lora talked about how at 11 years old, she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg. Soon thereafter, she became an amputee. Even with her obstacles she continued to play volleyball and went on to the Paralympic games where she medaled every Paralympic Games since 2004. Last Olympic games, she received gold in Rio. Lora is currently running for a political appointment with the Town of Hempstead in District 5.

Lora Webster, Olympian and also running for local office

Interestingly, both Michael and Lora appeared on Family Comes First, a show on Catholic Faith Network that Vincent J. Russo co-hosts every week.

In addition to an open panel discussion, moderated by Vincent J. Russo, during the lunch, guests learned a little more about the firm, Family Comes First, which is in its 11th season, and they heard about the Theresa Foundation and its pooled income trust.

My take

The more I get to know The Russo Law Group, the more I know they care. This isn’t a “typical” law firm that specializes in elder law and estate planning, it’s a firm that goes above and beyond for their clients and for their partners. This seminar educating social workers and geriatric care specialists exemplify what they are doing. For more information on the Russo Law Group contact

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