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The Biggest Loser Looking for Contestants

When the Biggest Loser reality TV show contacted me to help them get the word out about seeking contestants for the show, I was thrilled to help. I’ve been watching the show since its inception and have been a big fan.

Watching contestants with their weight loss struggles is inspiring.

I never had a weight problem until I turned 30 and after my first was born. Then the weight started to creep up. I went from diet to diet and the pounds wouldn’t drop. I knew that it was my metabolism but didn’t know how to get around that. That’s why I’m glad I found MetPro. Since then, I have lost nearly 15 pounds and for me, that’s a lot!

So if you’re struggling to lose weight, you can go to Philadelphia this weekend, only two hours from NYC, and apply to be on The Biggest Loser.

Here’s the information:

Also, listen to my podcast where I interviewed Ally, one of the Biggest Loser winners.

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