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Wild Wisdom – A Warthog’s Tale Review

As I get older, I realize that no one walks away from this life unscathed. We all have our share of problems. We may think others don’t have the same or similar problems as we face, but they all do.

Wild Wisdom – A Warthog’s Tale

Wild Wisdom – A Warthog’s Tale is a book written by Laurada Byers and illustrated by Natalie Hays Stewart. It’s a book about resilience, which cleverly compares warthogs with Laurada’s life.

You see, the story is a true story about Laurada Byers. It explains her obstacles and her determination. From watching her husband get killed to experiencing Parkinsons Disease, Laurada has been through it all. Yet, she has a positive attitude and a healthy outlook on life.

She starts the book by writing, “there are books that will attempt to guide you towards a “perfect life.” This is not one of them. Look at the warthog. Have you seen a more imperfect creature? That’s life. That’s me….”

She addresses five areas of our lives — identity, purpose, relationships, crisis, and health. In each section, she discloses information about her life. Then, through a series of illustrations, she includes quotes, some clever, some thought-provoking and some funny.

Would you buy this for yourself?

You could. But, I could see giving this as a gift to someone in need. As a matter of fact, comment below why you need this book and I’ll give you my copy!

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