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Is It Worth Staying at the TWA Hotel?

As the elevator doors opened, I entered with another couple. The woman smiled at me and said, “isn’t this a special place?” She was referring to the TWA Hotel at the JFK Airport in Queens.

I decided to stay at the TWA Hotel for my husband and my anniversary. I thought it would be a different kind of getaway. And, you know what, it was!

The Lobby of the TWA Hotel
The Lobby of the TWA Hotel

When you enter TWA, it looks as if you are checking into an airport. There are self-check-in kiosks. There is also staff available to help.

We got there a little early. Our room wasn’t ready. So, we decided to walk around. I noticed a 1964 Chevy right in the lobby. I laughed and told Brian, my husband, that was my first family car.

Our first family car
Our first family car.

The Rooms:

I booked the least expensive room for the night by pre-paying. The cost was $138. Since we had to wait a while, the manager upgraded us to a deluxe room with a historic view. The cost of that room was $239.

Deluxe room at the TWA Hotel
The Deluxe Room at the TWA Hotel.

Once we got our room, we went through a long tunnel with a bright red carpet. It led us to elevators. Our room was on the 6th floor. When we opened the door, we noticed a white terrazzo floor, which was in the foyer and the bathroom.

A couple of steps into the bedroom, the floor was a wood grain tile floor with an elegant carpet that was under the bed. The king-sized bed was oversized and extremely comfortable.

I loved the branding at the TWA Hotel
I loved the branding!

The room had floor to ceiling windows that were tripled pained. Although planes were taking off, you didn’t hear a thing! The windows were see-through so if you stay there, don’t forget to turn down the electric shades. They not only offer privacy but also block the light.

The only negative about the room is that the room is ultra-small, has no closets and no place to put your clothes. (Could you imagine what the $138 room looked like?)

The Hotel:

When you walk through the TWA Hotel, you hear 60’s music piped in. It’s a lot of fun. If you love the early Beatles, Turtles, or Peter Paul and Mary, you will love the music. You feel like you stepped back in time with the 60s decor.

Flight attendant uniforms from the early years.
Flight attendant uniforms from the early years.

The Pool:

The pool at the TWA Hotel is located on the roof deck. It’s outside but the pool is kept warm. It looks like a lap pool but it’s not. It’s a long narrow pool but it has steps and benches that keep you from swimming laps. (I guess you could try when no one is in it.)

The pool at TWA
The Pool at TWA

We went in. It was extremely windy with planes taking off over your head. It was a foggy day so you couldn’t see beyond the lounge chairs. The water was perfect. It was easy getting in!

The Skating Rink:

There’s a little skating rink outside of the TWA Hotel in the back by the Connie Bar. You could rent skates and skate around a little rink but it’s so tiny before you know it it’s time to turn. There was a show going on the night we were there. We sat indoors and watched but it wasn’t anything extraordinary.

The Paris Cafe:

The Paris Cafe is located in the TWA hotel above the lobby check-in area. You walk up a spiral staircase to get there. Once there, you enter the new NYC Jean-Georges restaurant.

They had a menu with a wide range of prices. You can get an elevated hamburger to a Monk Fish dish.

We started with a salmon sushi roll. It was a thin slice of salmon over a bed of rice that was deep-fried. Our main course was a chicken breast with artichokes for me. Brian had the monkfish. Both dishes were superb, just what you would expect from a Jean-Georges restaurant.

The next morning we ate there again for breakfast. Brian had french toast and I had scrambled eggs. Both were elevated and tasted delicious.

I particularly liked the style of the serving plates and silverware, all in 60s decor to fit the style of the whole place.

Connie – Cocktail Lounge:

One of the coolest things about the TWA Hotel is the Connie Lounge. Here you walk outside and follow the runway lights to the Connie. Connie is on an authentic TWA plane. You walk up the stairs and enter the plane. A captain will greet you and will seat you. We were seated in the first class. We had a table in front of us and ordered a couple of drinks along with a cheese plate. The cost of an average drink was $15.

On the plane, you got to see the cockpit and really got a sense of what it must have been like flying in the early 1960s. (I’m not quite sure how people did it. I think I would have been scared out of my mind, especially seeing all the wires!)

The Museum:

At the TWA Hotel, there was a museum of clothes from the 1940s through the 1970s. It was so much fun to read about the designers and what they created for the flight attendants. I loved the outfits from the 50s and 60s best. They were fun and I wondered why the wait staff didn’t wear one of these nifty flight attendant outfits when serving as opposed to a long red polyester “schmatta” that they wore serving cocktails.

There was also the office of the architect of the original TWA building. The office is situated beyond the guest rooms in the back of the tunnel. It was fun to see the office, read about the original building and see a typical living room in the 1960s.

Was the TWA Hotel Worth it?

The TWA Hotel was well worth the cost of staying there and appreciating the amenities of the building. It was like an adult “Disney.” We loved every minute being there and can’t wait to go back!

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