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Has the World Gone Mad?

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 and the coronavirus.

  • How far away should we get from another person?
  • Is the person contagious if they don’t show symptoms?
  • What do we do about our elderly?
  • How can we protect our family?
  • And, where’s the hand sanitizers and toilet paper?

Has The World Gone Mad?

At this point, most people are socially distancing themselves from one another.

The other day, I was running on the Cedar Creek Bike Trail and I saw another runner running in the opposite direction. He took the social distancing to the extreme.

When he saw me coming on the other side, he got to his far-right as much as he could. He was practically in the bushes!

Supermarket Mania

Hundreds of people had carts stocked like mine at Best Market in Merrick, NY

The supermarkets are absolutely insane!

The other day I went to get a few items and realized that if I too don’t stock up, I’ll be left out in the cold. There were only 7 cans of tuna in water left. I grabbed them all. (Sorry guys!)

The shelves were bare. The President had a press conference and said that there was plenty of food around and stop buying. But, unfortunately, I got this panicked sense that he was wrong and we may be on lockdown sooner than we think. Obviously, everyone else got the same idea.

I’m not sure where the toilet paper issue came from. But, that, along with the hand sanitizers and thermometers, were sold out immediately.

My sisters-in-law got a gift from their neighbor

Small Business Owners Having Negative Thoughts…

Many of my clients are calling me frantically suggesting that this pandemic will put them out of business. That may be so but, as we know from other devastating events in our lives, the strongest will persevere.

This is an opportunity for small business owners to re-invent themselves. It’s not a time to feel sorry or dismay.

What service can you offer the community right now?

What will be a game-changer?

Many restaurants are offering curbside takeout. A catering company we represent is offering a subscription service to its customers. I got an email recently from a political candidate saying that she’s looking to help our community by offering free webinars and check-ins. A temple sent an email saying that they will have virtual prayers via zoom. And, I’m trying to sell online classes to help people start or grow their business when this pandemic is over.

We need to be creative. Don’t let this destroy what you’ve created.

Hand Washing?

We all should have been washing our hands a long time before it became mandatory! I don’t want to preach here but come on. Really? If we had been washing our hands as religiously as we are doing now, don’t you think we would have been safe from catching other viruses and infections through the years? (That’s all I’m going to say here…)

Zoe Lewis’ new song about handwashing… (You can hear her interview on

Online School?

Are we too comfortable in what we are doing to be flexible to learn new things?

As an educator and public relations counselor, it’s important for me to be up on the latest innovations. I’ve been using Blackboard for the last six years. Proficient? I wouldn’t say that, but I would say that I know how to get around in it and post assignments, discussions, and lectures. But, Zoom? I’ve been using that tool for years now recording webinars and posting on Youtube.

Instead of feeling frantic, this is another opportunity to learn something you didn’t know before. It’s a way to re-energize yourself and learn something new.

Has the World Gone Mad?

The world may be a crazy place right now and we all need to be careful. But, it’s also a great opportunity to learn something new, read a book, or discover something about yourself. It’s a great time to re-invent and revitalize your existing business and/or career.

It’s also a great time to come together as a community and help each other. When bad things happen the good comes out in all of us!

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