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Driving Into NYC During COVID-19 Lockdown

It gets to a point where you need to get out and drive. Since I haven’t driven my car in nearly two months, I wondered if I even remembered how to drive! I had a full tank of gas and decided to drive into New York City during COVID-19 Lockdown.

The Drive into NYC

The drive into the city was a pleasure. Normally, it takes me anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes to two and a half hours during rush-hour. During the COVID-19 Lockdown, it took me less than 40 minutes. Although there were some cars on the road, the traffic moved. I don’t remember a time that it was like that. I flew in driving the speed limit and I flew out!

The other thing I noticed was that everyone wore a mask. No matter what they were doing, anyone outside had a mask on.

There weren’t many people on the streets on that Thursday at 3 pm. I saw a handful of people outside walking, wearing their masks.

A Spooky Feeling…

It was eerie. It almost felt as if it were a ghost-town.

I started to think about other places around the country that were opening up for business. Will New York ever be the same after this? Will we need to socially distance ourselves forever? If we come in contact with someone else, will we immediately go for the hand wipes or run to the bathroom to wash up?

I’m scared. I’m really frightened for the world. Is this it?

Opening up the Country

Are we opening the country too soon? I think so but I also know that if we don’t get back at some point, we will all be out of work. So what’s the happy medium here? Do we continue to work from home going forward? Do we give up our offices?

I can’t imagine how it will be once restaurants and bars open up. How about a barber shop or a nail salon? How will that work out with social distancing still intact?

There are so many questions right now and until someone figures it out, I don’t think we should do anything. No one wants to get sick. And, the way COVID-19 spreads so rapidly from one person to the next is downright frightening to me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section of my blog. Thanks for reading!

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