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Will Life be the Same After the Coronavirus Pandemic…

I’m so frustrated. I know I’m not alone. We’ve got this horrendous pandemic that is attacking our friends, neighbors and our loved ones. And, we can’t do anything about it. When this is over, will life be the same after the coronavirus pandemic?

We’ve become germaphobes

How many times have you washed your hands today? I’ve been washing my hands so often, I don’t think my skin will ever be the same!

Before this happened, I washed my hands after I went to the bathroom. I washed my hands before making food. And, I washed my hands if I touched something and they were dirty.

Today, I wash my hands before I go to the bathroom after I go to the bathroom if I touch something outside of the home if I run outside the home if I go outside the home. I wash my hands constantly. Not only that, but the length of time that I wash my hands has increased significantly.

I don’t shake hands anymore. I don’t hug. I don’t even get that close to anyone. If I’m running and someone is running in the opposite direction, I run so far to the left or to the right so that I’m at least 6 to 8 feet from the other runner. Then, when I get back in my car, I wash my hands with Lysol wipes.

When this is over, will we hug again?

Working from Home

I wonder if this will be the norm going forward? Will businesses or at the very least, small businesses shut down because it makes more economical sense to work from home?

Will Zoom be our new norm? Will we just have virtual meetings instead of in-person meetings?

How will this coronavirus pandemic affect the way we do business?


Will people be able to go back to a gym or will gyms be off-limit forever? If we work out in the house, do we need the gym anyway?

I’ve been trying hard to work out every day. Whether I run outside around the neighborhood, or I go on Zwift on my Computrainer, or I do strength training with my weights and TRX, I try to do something every day.

But for me, it has become a habit. What about all the rest of you out there. Are you working out every day? What are you doing to keep sane in this madness?

Personal Grooming

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Will we need to do all of our personal grooming in the house? I feel like I’ve taken advantage of the fact that I could call up my haircutter or my nail technician and easily get an appointment. But now, we have become our own barbers, haircutters, and nail technicians.

Will we go back to get our hair colored again? Or, are we going to be stuck forever coloring our hair with Loreal?

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

My dad in March 2020

What about the folks who live in assisted living or nursing homes. Will they ever be the same? My dad is down in Florida in an Assisted Living. He has a gorgeous apartment. It’s huge. But, recently they locked the doors and he can no longer leave his apartment. They bring him his three meals and he sits and waits.

Will I ever get to see him again? Will he even remember me when I see him?

Going to a Doctor

Now there is “telemedicine.” Look I get it. Who wants to get exposed?

But, should the doctors still charge the same co-pay? Can they really examine a patient without physically seeing them?

Will doctors use this method going forward?

Will our lives be the same as it was?

I wonder…

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