Buddha’s Office by Dan Zigmond

budda's office

Have you ever said, “I hate my job?” If you’re like most people, you’ve probably said that phrase more than once during your work years. A new book, Buddha’s Office – The ancient art of waking up while working well, by Dan Zigmond, addresses what to do when you feel this way.

The book discusses how so many of us work long hours at a job we can’t stand. (Well, maybe not right now during COVID-19, but during other times throughout the year.) We suffer from non-stop stress, lack of resources, or uncomfortable behavior from colleagues and/or clients.

Although Buddha never held a job, he knew that people’s work-life was essential in helping them to find their own path to awakening.

Mr. Zigmond, an ordained Zen monk, suggests that we should always strive to keep our lives are in balance.

Buddha’s Office is lined with incredible sayings that will resonate. For example, early on in the book, Zigmond writes, “The cause of suffering isn’t actually pained or bad luck – it’s dissatisfaction. It’s wanting stuff, craving stuff. We don’t suffer because bad things happen; we suffer because we don’t get what we want.”

Being Mindful at Work

You may think your job is mindless, but in fact, if it “could be automated it would be.”

In addition to mindfulness, Zigmond talks about meditation, ambition and also examines roadblocks that happen along the way.

Buddha’s Office

Buddha’s Office is well-written and has some incredibly thought-provoking analogies that will get you thinking about work and your life. I really enjoyed reading it and if you are having issues at work, I would suggest you may want to pick up a copy on Amazon. It’s a good time to read it!