A Runner’s Diary: Running with My Daughter

I signed up for the New York Road Runner’s weekly running club in New York City. I asked my daughter if she would like to join me. She was excited to get into running so she decided to sign up too. After reviewing the criteria, we decided to join the class on Thursday afternoons. The class goal is to get you to run 30 minutes without walking.

“Do you think this class will be not advanced enough for you?” my daughter asked me. “You’re probably the only one who ran a half marathon in the class.”

Guest Blog, Training/Running

“I’ll Never Be Crazy Enough To Be A Runner…” by Sarah Young, M.S.

“Running is boring. My knees hurt when I run. Runners are crazy!” I used to say all of these negative things about running, and more. I worked with many runners (I am a massage therapist), many of whom had running-related injuries. I was always trying to find ways to help them prehab or rehab from their injuries and keep them running. I used my Masters Degree in Exercise Science to research running theories and techniques. But as much as I learned, none of it was going to make me a runner.