Music Review: moe. Smash Hits Volume One

From my experience with music lovers, jam bands always seem to provoke a strong emotion. Some people either love them or hate them. Those who love them, follow them around the country. I have friends who have followed The Grateful Dead, Phish and even Wide Spread Panic around the country and even the world. moe. fits this music category.


Book Review: Britney Spears Little Lost Girl

From the outside looking in, I felt that Britney Spears had everything – fame, fortune, boyfriends and people who cared about her. But after reading, “Britney Spears Little Lost Girl,” by Christopher Heard, I learned that life for Britney was harder than it looked.

I was interested in reading this book because my daughter had all of her albums and was engrossed with everything that she did. Britney Spears had a scavenger hunt in New York City and my daughter got to the first location first thing in the morning. (It took her an hour to get into New York City from our Long Island home.)


How An Event Can Turn Contacts Into Relationships

Do you feel like you’re spending way too much time going from event to event without seeing a return on your investment? Or, do you spend way too much time and money hosting events without seeing anything in return?

Whatever the reason, one of the most important benefits of hosting or going to a special event is developing and securing relationships.


Music Review: RBC Pleasure EP

The local band is The Roast Beef Curtains (or RBC). When I got the album, one of my staff members told me what Roast Beef Curtains means and I got turned off. I didn’t want to like these guys, but when I listened to their album, Pleasure EP, I was pleasantly surprised.