Did You See the Tropicana “Worst Morning Ever” Campaign?

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The other day I was riding the “S” train from 42nd Street/Grand Central to Times Square in Manhattan.  As I waited for the train to come into the station, I noticed a yellow banana colored train approaching.  It was bright yellow!

When the doors opened, I walked onto the train. The inside of the car was just as yellow as the outside.  Tropicana was branded on both the inside and outside.

The uniqueness of this campaign lies in the social media integration.  Tropicana asked their community what the #worstmorningever was and their community answered.  They ranged from:

  • Setting the alarm clock for 6 pm instead of 6 am #worstmorningever
  • So tired that I buttered the bread before putting it in the toaster. Fire. Now I’m late. Go outside car won’t start. #worstmorningever #2011
  • Woke up, slammed shin on table, tripped walking up the stairs, got shocked by the toaster. #worstmorningever

Tropicana is encouraging consumers to share their worst morning ever on Twitter for a chance to be highlighted in their ads and get a year worth of free Orange Juice.

Quite clever, huh?  Here’s a video of the actual train:


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    That is honestly the coolest thing ever! And now I want some OJ 🙂

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