Dining Recommendations at Disney Springs

disney spring food

Here are three dining recommendations at Disney Springs:

STK Orlando

When you walk into this Disney Springs restaurant, you feel as if you are in a fancy nightclub. STK Steakhouse is not cheap, but worth the cost. Our waiter recommended a chateaubriand and filet mignon for the three of us. He also recommended the Mac and Cheese.

We started with a wedge salad.

The restaurant had a wide selection of wines. We purchased an Orin Swift, Abstract (one of my favorite David Finney wines). The Abstract is a red blend from California’s Napa Valley region.

We ordered what the waiter recommended and when the steaks came out, they were beautifully presented with the mac and cheese and broccoli.

The steak was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. The Chateau was aged and you could taste it. The filet was soft and juicy.

When the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, we had to pass because we were stuffed! The food was amazing.

If you love steak, you should consider reserving a spot at this Disney Springs restaurant!

Morimoto Asia

Morimoto, also known as the Iron Chef, has a wonderful restaurant in Disney Springs called Morimoto Asia. The restaurant is also expensive but the food is well worth the cost. (Is anything at Disney cheap?)

The Morimoto Asia decor was interesting. It wasn’t like a traditional Asian restaurant. The walls were lined with large images of people, all in black and white. The open kitchen added to the decor.

We ordered several appetizers but the only one worth mentioning here was the toro tartar. This dish was served as pate with various sauces.

The next course was the Peeking Duck. The waitress came over and showed us how to roll up the duck breast, with a piece of skin, scallions, and cucumber. She used two different sauces – a plum sauce and an apricot sauce.

My husband noted that this was the best peeking duck he ever had. If you like new Asian cuisine, this one is for you.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming Dinner

We had 11 people at Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming Dinner, including two children under 4. We ordered our meals and they came out relatively quick. The menu had a variety of comfort food, consisting of fried chicken and donut, mac and cheese, and brisket and mashed potatoes.

It all tasted good. There were very few healthy choices, so I opted for the unhealthy choice – the braised beef option. This came with mashed potatoes and string beans.

Although I didn’t eat dessert, many of the people around the table did and loved it. If you’re looking for southern comfort food, this one is for you.

Disney Springs has a ton of great restaurants. I’ve been to many of them. However, I enjoyed these three the best so far!