Electric Scooters Take Over San Jose, California

Scooter in San Jose

My son and I visited San Jose, California, a few weeks ago. When we got there, we couldn’t help but notice all of the electric scooters on the streets and sidewalks of San Jose.

There are two electric scooter companies that service San Jose – Lime and Bird. 

Everyone was Riding an Electric Scooter!

It seemed like everyone was on a scooter. No matter where we looked, there was either a Bird or a Lime. 

Scooter in San Jose

“Hey, let’s try it out,” my son said.

“I don’t know Derek, I don’t feel comfortable riding without a helmet,” I said.

“No one is wearing helmets,” he said. And that was true. There was not one person wearing a helmet and these electric scooters go fast. They looked like they averaged 15 mph, but the top speed is 20 mph.

We took one out. It was only $1 for 15 minutes. My son tried it first. He flew by. 

“Come on Mom, you can do it,” he said.

I Tried It

I got on it, kicked off three times and then I was flying too. It was fast and I didn’t feel like I had control so I jumped off, which immediately stopped the unit.

A woman was walking by. “Can I try it?” she asked. 

My son explained how it worked and she got on and took off. All I kept thinking was she was going to take off and not come back! But, she did.

These electric scooters seem to have taken over the Ford City Bikes. I saw very few of them on the street. Everyone was riding an electric scooter. 

They are Huge in San Francisco too…

Apparently, they are also everywhere in San Francisco. However, in San Francisco, you must wear a helmet. 

I guess San Jose will require that too soon, as people fall off or get into accidents. For now though, you ride the scooter at your own risk. 

Watch out walkers, electric scooters are everywhere in San Jose!