Five Things To Do With Your Adult Children During Quarantine

The Topper's

Are your adult children home for the weekend? Not sure what to do with them at home?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Play a game – If you all enjoy board games, why not pull one out. You may even have one from your young adult years still sitting in your closet.
  2. Watch Shark Tank – Hey, you never know… by watching with your adult children you may come up with some ideas that can work! Watch what works and what doesn’t and figure out why. Discuss it with your adult children.
  3. Explore a new neighborhood or walk through a park – There are so many wonderful neighborhoods and parks around you, take time to explore something different, even if it’s an hour or two car ride away. Just walking, talking and laughing will create memories for a lifetime!
  4. Cook a meal together – Talk about family time! This was probably what our grandparents did when there wasn’t a computer or mobile devices in the house. Take an element of the meal and delegate it out to a family member. When the meal is cooked and served, open a nice bottle of wine and celebrate your accomplishments.
  5. Workout together – If you don’t have weights, try yoga. Do something that you don’t normally do but do it as a family.

Have any other suggestions? I would love to hear in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!