Golf at CitiField?

Could you imagine playing golf at CitiField, where the Mets play? 

Well, it happened during one chilly weekend in November. Thankfully, the night my husband and I went, it wasn’t raining. It was, however, 35 degrees F with a 20 mph wind. It was cold!

My kids bought us two tickets for Golf but unfortunately, I was unable to play. My husband used my balls and played double!

The course wasn’t exactly a course, it was more like a driving range.  There were targets on the ball field.

There were nine “holes.” Each hole was located at a different spot within the ball park. Some where upstairs on the highest level and some were on the lower level. We walked from one end of the ball park to the other. The organizers put up scaffolds and the golfer climbed up and took a shot. At times, these scaffolds were high and with the wind, I was nervous my husband would fall off.

Halfway through the round, we were offered peanuts and water. It was a pleasant surprise. I was also happy when one of the workers handed me hand warmers. That really did the trick, since I was under dressed. (Who would have thought that November would be so cold???)

Although it was freezing, the experience was awesome and worth checking out, especially if you are a golfer and love the Mets. (I believe they do this every year so watch out for it next November.)