Mom’s Magic Masala Fusion Spice Blend


Like spice? You will love Mom’s Magic Masala Fusion Spice Blend.

I was sent a sample for review. So, I sprinkled it on fresh vegetables that I grilled in a pan. I also tried it on steak and chicken. It has a strong curry smell. It was made with salt, cumin, black salt, fennel, dried mango, sugar, coriander, paprika, pomegranate powder, pepper, cayenne, dried fenugreek leaves, cinnamon, carom seeds, black pepper, cardamom, and cloves.

According to my sister-in-law, Andrea, “Curry is a combination of many different ingredients,” hence the smell – Curry.

Interesting huh?

Mom’s Magic Masala Fusion Spice Blend packet has two recipes on the sleeve, including Divine Lamb Chops and Kaboobs Meatballs. But, there are a lot more on their website.

Taking it to the Taste

I didn’t tell my family I was sprinkling it on the vegetables and the chicken. I wanted to see their reaction. They enjoyed it. My only complaint was that it had a pungent aroma.

You can pick it up by going to to the website at It retails for $7.99.