My Pocket Gratitude Review

my pocket gratitude

I try to feel grateful every day, even when I have a rough day. Being grateful is powerful and helps to transform negative experiences by adding a positive perspective to it. My Pocket Gratitude by Courtney E. Ackerman will help.

My Pocket Gratitude – Anytime Exercises for Awareness, Appreciation, and Joy, is a small book that can fit in your pocket. It’s a book that will help you realize that life should truly be cherished.

Ackerman includes three different sections. The first is self-gratitude and includes several exercises to help you take care of yourself. How many times have you thought of others before yourself? Here are some of the topics she discusses in this chapter:

  • Say thank you to yourself
  • Focus mindfulness
  • Buy yourself a present

The second section includes exercises for gratitude toward your body. Some of the topics in this section include — going for a walk, trying mindful jogging or skipping, and making an appreciation list. Others include:

  • Give your body a healthy meal
  • Write a positive Haiku to your body
  • Go alone on a vacation

She also has chapters on gratitude toward others, your past and present self and gratitude for your surroundings. She even has a chapter on gratitude during difficult times. Some of the sections in this chapter include:

  • Reminding yourself of your past successes
  • Think ahead to your next chapter
  • Push out the bitterness
  • Set gratitude goals
  • Visualize the good

My Pocket Gratitude is a great little book to take with you to the park, the beach or to snuggle in bed with.

You can find it at Amazon or from Adams Media.