My Pocket Meditations for Self-Compassion by Courtney E. Ackerman

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I’ve been researching meditation more now than ever before. I’m not sure why I started to think about it but I do know that it helps you have a healthier, satisfying life. The publishers at Simon and Schuster, reached out to me to see if I would review My Pocket Meditation for Self-Compassion by Courtney E. Ackerman and I agreed. The timing could not have been better for this.

After reading the book, Why Buddha Never Had Alzheimer’s by Dr. Shevendu Sen, I became intrigued with meditation. He states that meditation helps prevent Alzheimer’s and helps patients with Alzheimer’s. My dad has dementia and the thought of losing my memories scares me.

My Pocket Meditations for Self-Compassion

The book is interesting. Each page of the 170 pages has a different meditative practice. Ackerman takes a topic and helps you to visualize it, then she suggests thinking about it during a meditative state. “Relax, take a few deep breaths, now think…”

In the “prepare to meditate” section, the author talks about how to go about meditating. It is followed by 10 different chapters including:

  • self-acceptance
  • self-appreciation
  • meeting your emotions
  • self-forgiveness
  • body positive
  • accepting love
  • giving love
  • being receptive
  • being present
  • self-care

Within each chapter, there are a variety of different practices.

Taking a test drive

The book doesn’t have to be followed in any particular order. The reader can choose whichever practice they want to choose on any particular day.

I tried quite a few throughout the book and plan to use this book in my daily life. One of the practices at the beginning of the book asked you to focus on your past. I started to think about a time when I was 25 going bridal dress shopping with my mother and wondered why my sister didn’t join us, but I let that go. Then, I thought of trying on various dresses.

I had found one dress in a magazine. I tried it on and fell in love. But, I wanted to try other dresses. My mother at the time talked me out of it. “You’ll drive yourself nuts to try on so many different dresses.” So, I didn’t. I focused on that, thinking about the present day that my daughter is getting married and how that process will go. Will I be the same as my mother? Or, will I hold my thoughts internally so that my daughter gets joy out of the process? I let that go too.

After the practice, I started to feel very relaxed.

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