On Trying To Find A Washington, DC Laundromat

Hilary Topper

LaundromatMy son started his summer at two different National Student Leadership Programs — one at Fordham (in the Bronx) and one at American (in Washington, DC).  After he completed the American conference, he was scheduled to go to another school in Baltimore.  Since there was no time to go home and do his laundry, we had to find a laundromat in DC that would wash and dry his clothes in 24 hours.

When we got tot the hotel in DC, we checked to see if they had services available.  They did and priced the load by charging $6 for one pair of underwear. By the time my son and I finished counting, the cost to do his laundry would have been nearly $300.  That was ridiculous.

So, my husband scoured the internet and found a DC based laundromat, called American Mega Laundromat, that picked up and delivered laundry free of charge.  I called them.  The man who answered the phone was very helpful. He told me to put my request in the queue online, which I did.

Within minutes, literally minutes, I got a call that there was a driver in the area who would pick up the load.  I ran downstairs with this heavy bundle and gave it to the concierge.

My husband, son and I went out to breakfast and started to walk around, checking out some of the famous sites, when I got a phone call from American Mega Laundromat.

The man told me “they washed and dried my son’s garments in separate washers and separate dryers which were exclusively dedicated to him and his laundry items during our entire wash & fold operation.  My son’s clean laundry was then folded & professionally packaged.”  They also told me that the laundry was delivered to my hotel.

They did it in the same day they picked it up!  I was amazed!

Not only was I amazed but I was impressed with the professionalism that they had.  They told me I got the “presidential treatment.” When I went back to my hotel room, the laundry was sitting there in an American Mega Laundromat bag.  The cost for the service was under $100!

They even followed up with me to make sure that I was happy with the service.  I have to say that I was totally impressed and would highly recommend this laundromat to anyone in the DC area or even visiting DC.  I’m sure they give the “presidential treatment” to all of their customers and that is really cool!



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  1. Sharon Maxwell-Yamamoto

    Oh my god, I’m totally out of touch, it costs about $100 to have your laundry done? I know the hotel’s prices are nuts, but a laundromat charges that? How much laundry was this, a month’s worth? LOL Heck, I’ll do it next time for $85! Hee

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      It may have been cheaper to send to Cali and back! ha! You are so funny….

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