Pay Too Much in Nassau County for Property Taxes?

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If you think you pay too much in property taxes and you live in Nassau County, NY, then you will want to read today’s blog post.

Catching up with Jeff Gold of Gold Benes, LLP

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Jeff Gold of Gold Benes, LLP. Jeff has been helping people grieve their taxes for approximately 18 years and has had huge success.

Since he was getting inundated with calls and text messages, he started a Facebook group a couple of years back called, Nassau Grieve Your Tax Assessments – FREE. Today, he has approximately 31,000 members. There, he teaches members how to grieve their own tax assessments.

“In Nassau County,” Jeff Gold said, “grievances have been extended thru April 30th.”  He explained to me that the county is currently in the middle of reassessing homes at fair market value. “This is no easy task,” he said, “There are more than 370,000 properties in Nassau and it is so complex that mistakes do happen.”

He said that this year it will be hard to get a reduction, “but it can happen. You should try. Every 1 out of 5 homes are getting reductions sometimes well beyond 2019 numbers at a rate of 10% below what they paid.”

When asked how to predict if you can get one, Jeff said, “there’s no predictions but it’s certainly worth trying.”


Jeff Gold explained to me that every time someone gets a reduction, that increases your neighbors taxes. “So, hopefully, this will be the last year that we all get reassessed,” he said. He said that it all has to do with the school district.

“Look, again, there are no risks in filing and I do recommend that people still file. It’s so simple. They can do it on their own but they can also call my firm and we can do it. The fee is only $250 per filing. However, if people join my Facebook group, they will learn for themselves how to do it. It’s easy, but it does take time.”

If you feel you pay too much in property taxes in Nassau County…

If you feel you pay too much, call Jeff Gold at Gold Benes LLP or join his Facebook group for free and learn to do it yourself. His number is 516-512-6333 or you can join his Facebook group at Nassau Grieve Your Tax Assessments – FREE.

Here’s a video he recently made, which I know you will agree is highly informative –