Rothy’s Review

Lisa Gordon is one of my closest friends and we’ve worked together now for more than 10 years. This holiday season, I got an unusual gift from her. She sent me a gift certificate to buy a pair of Rothy’s shoes. She knows I love shoes and thought this would be the perfect gift for me.

I looked at the gift certificate and went on the website. The company is quite interesting. They take recycled bottles and make them into shoes! Such a cool concept, huh?

On the Rothy’s website, they write, “From the very beginning, we have built sustainability into our DNA, and have done so in four ways: 1) We use recycled plastic water bottles to create our shoes. 2) Our production process yields barely any waste. 3) We carry very little inventory, so we avoid overproduction. 4) Durable, washable shoes mean customers are able to wear our designs longer.”

Get this, the owner’s name is “Roth.”

Comfort Level:

These shoes are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. The Rothy’s come in a variety of “flats” and sneakers. The one I got from Lisa were the Garnet Sneakers.

They are easy to wear as they slip right over your foot and they go with almost anything. I love wearing them with a pair of jeans.

The sneakers and the flats come in almost every color. However, I find that the Garnet go with a ton of my outfits, so I’m glad I chose them.

I’m really glad that I got these as a gift and know they won’t be my only pair! They cost $120 and up.