Russo Law Group Talks Before Health Care Providers

Russo Law Group Talks Before Health Care Providers

The Russo Law Group with offices in Garden City, Bayshore, Lido Beach, Islandia and Manhattan recently gave an educational seminar to more than 100 health care providers to help educate them on new laws and regulations affecting seniors.

Russo Law Group eventThe event, held at the Milleridge Inn on June 20, was the 27th year that the Russo Law Group held this educational conference at no charge to the practitioner. They provided breakfast, lunch and a whole lot of education on the new tax laws, Medicaid planning, long term care, the latest on spousal claims and more.Russo Law Group event

What struck me about the conference was the “family environment.” I’ve known Vincent Russo for many years now and I’ve always found him to be an honest, stand up person. I’ve always been impressed with him and his professionalism.

However, I didn’t realize what an amazing firm he has built.

The partners were talking about how there is very little turnover at the firm and that everyone is considered “family.” One of the partners noted, “we believe that people come first and money second!”

Before every partner spoke, a slide would be seen on the screen that showed the partners’ interests. For example, Vincent is a “huge Beatles” fan, he loves the 1955 Dodgers and his favorite movie is “Young Frankenstein.” Marie Elena Puma, one of his partners, loves Billy Joel, playing the violin, and her favorite book is, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

All of the partners had fun facts about them, which made this event different than others, yet special in its own way because the audience created a  connection with the partners.

My biggest takeaway — you need to be prepared.

And, they are right, no matter what age, you never know what’s going to happen so it’s imperative to plan in advance and make sure you have the following four documents:

  • Health Care Proxy
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Trusts to protect your family and your assets

Russo Law Group eventThe Russo Law group is a blog sponsor. However, I would not endorse them if I didn’t believe in who they are and what they do. If you are looking to prepare yourself for the future, I would strongly suggest calling any of the partners at the Russo Law Group and tell them you heard about them from NY Lifestyle Blog. They will steer you in the right direction!

Happy planning!


  1. Krista Giannak

    What a great firm and blog post showing what genuine branding is like.

    1. Hilary Topper

      Thanks Krista for your comments!

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