Side Show At Of Monsters and Men Concert at Kings Theatre

IMG_20150924_205326Side show at the Of Monsters and Men Concert at Kings Theatre

The other night, I saw Of Monsters and Men Concert at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.   The band was on point and sounded incredible. However, there was also a side show going on at the same time.

My husband and I sat in a stage box on the side of the balcony.  The Theatre is magnificent. It recently went through $90+ Million in renovations to restore to its original look and feel from the 1920’s. The high ceilings and short balcony added to the acoustics and made the music sound pristine.

We sat down and looked at the stage. It was close. We had incredible seats for $45 a seat. The show started and just as it started an older couple in their late forties early fifties were seated next to the couple in front of us.  They didn’t sit.  Everyone in the orchestra stood but most of the people in the boxes were seated.

This couple had their own side show.  I don’t know if they were on some heavy drugs or if they were just heavily drinking but I believe they thought the 3000 people in the audience were there to see them.  They faced out toward the audience, not toward the stage as they frantically danced, even when there wasn’t a song to dance to. They waved their arms high up in the air and waved to the audience in the orchestra below.

“I’m finding those people very distracting,” I said to my husband.  “I know they are here to have a good time but there should be one show going on and that’s the one on the stage.”

He asked if I wanted to move but since the seats were so close to the stage, I really didn’t.

I tried hard to focus on the music and the stage but it was difficult with this side show going on.  I don’t know if they were disruptive to everyone else in the section but they totally were to me.

At the show, Of Monsters and Men played all my favorites from the first and second albums, including:

King and Lionheart



Little Talks

Dirty Paws

We Sink.

Although the show was great, the side show almost became the show.  Have you ever been to a concert where that happened?