Guest Blog

Tap into Your Intuition for Success by Guest Blogger Eileen Lichtenstein, MS Ed

We all find ourselves at times walking the edge between this and that, yes and no. What to do? Which way to go…. When you make a decision and you have a sense of “relief” you know it’s a right choice. It’s about going downstream, letting go of the paddles and letting the current take you. It’s about riding the waves, not going against the tide. Use your senses to detect signs: Intuitive “hits” come in many forms- from sensory images, physical feelings and auditory and olfactory clues. When you are open to receiving and noticing “signs”, it becomes progressively easier to trust your intuition. The optimal receptive “state” has being “grounded” for a prerequisite. For instant grounding, connect with nature: take a walk, sit at the ocean meditate, listen to the birds, gaze at a flower. Now is the perfect season to jumpstart your intuition. Or listen to a guided meditation, which you may listen to on the Moving Meditation Fitness audio program: The following tips may assist you in accessing your intuition and are most effective when practiced on a daily basis: