Tech News Now is Merging with NY Lifestyle Blog!

Tech News Now is Merging with NY Lifestyle Blog!

TNN_Logo_EditAfter a ton of soul searching, I decided that it makes sense to merge Tech News Now, Wearable on Air with NY Lifestyle Blog. Thanks to you, we have 88,000 unique visitors on this blog and with our Tech News Now community, it will put us over 100,000 unique visitors a month!

New York Lifestyle Blog is about life. It’s about experiences. It includes reviews. There is information about music, art, culture, new products, and experiences. Tech News Now blog focuses on the Internet of Things, that is why I thought it was the perfect match.

The Wearable on Air show will continue to broadcast and will be replayed here as well.


So from now on, you will be seeing news stories from various companies that will make our lives easier. I hope you enjoy this new format and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thanks again for reading!  🙂


  1. Cloris Kylie

    Awesome, Hilary! Great decision. Look forward to your updates!

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