The Astrological Guide to Self-Care Review


When Simon and Schuster reached out to me with a request to review their newest published book, The Astrological Guide to Self-Care by Constance Stellas, I jumped. At first, I thought, how could each section reflect individuals because everyone is different, but I found it rather interesting. Here is my review.

The Astrological Guide to Self-Care

Part 1 of the book, talks about self-care, defines it and discusses the benefits. As we know, self-care is paramount in this turbulent world. The book also talks about self-care and astrology.

The second part focuses on the elements – fire, earth, air, and water. That is followed by the next section that talks about individual signs.


I skimmed through the beginning of the book and then went straight to my sign, Taurus. Some of it wasn’t relevant but there were a few things I found very interesting like, “take a nature walk” or “workout outside.” I find that my happy place is when I’m running, cycling or swimming outside. I love nature and it just makes me happy. So I found this spot on!

Another part of this is that it said that Taureans love rich flavors like coffee and butterscotch. (My favorites… Okay, I read on…) It says that color impacts my moods, yes, that is spot on! I keep reading, “get a nose ring.” Okay, I don’t think that’s happening!

Checking out other signs

Then I cross over to the other signs. My husband is a Scorpio, my daughter a Capricorn and my son an Aquarius. All had relevant information about what they enjoyed most and for the most part, was pretty accurate.

I even found holiday gifts by looking in this book for ideas on what my children love.

The book is interesting and worth checking out. You can pick one up on Amazon at The price is $19.99 per book. It certainly makes a great birthday book for someone into astrology!