Trend of the Week – QR Code Tattoo!

At the Blogher ’11 Conference in San Diego this weekend, I came across a woman who had a QR code tattoo.  I noticed that people were using their scanners to see where the QR code went to on the Internet.

I never saw anything like this before.  I’ve seen people wear company shirts and even company hats but never a QR code Tattoo!  That is why I thought this was a great trend of the week…

When will you get your QR Code Tattoo?


  1. Brad

    Hilary! You left out the MOST important part! Where DID the tattoo go on the Internet? What was the site?

    1. Hilary

      You know Brad, I didn’t get that close to find out… As I saw it, I snapped a photo… 

  2. Brad

    ohh..that ‘splains it…”Never mind!”

  3. Ellen

    That’s so neat! 

  4. Lisa

    That’s amazing!

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